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User Qualification

It may be that your sports company has separate target markets for each different sport you offer; which means you may wish to offer different marketing strategies based on the specific sport. To do this you need to qualify the user before they arrive on the intended page. If you look at the example above you will notice that before the user can get on the site they have to decide whether or not they wish to visit the football academy site or the multi-sports section.


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Automated Email Function

Another feature we advice for sports websites is the automated email function. Once a user submits their email, we have the software that then has the capability to send pre-written emails, on auto-pilot, to the email address provided over a period of time. Therefore your website can work on your sales without you lifting a finger. You can send them information on how to improve their (or their child's) performance in that sport; if they consider you an expert in that field, chances are if you offer them a product or service and they have the money available, they will buy from you. We highly recommend this function for sports company owners looking to build an email database of customers that trust them and respond to their offers. We would suggest visiting our automated email FAQ page for a more detailed description of this feature.


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Search Function

It is very difficult to guess how your customers will find their way through your site and many can often get frustrated if they cant find their specific needs. The easiest way to avoid this is to create search functions to help guide the user, here they choose the area they live in, the age of the class they need to book and the ability of their child; this gets the user to the required page as quickly as possible. Websites that have a lot of information should always offer a search function.

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New and Events

With a sports website its vital to keep your customers up to date with the latest information. It may be you have entered a new competition, your members have been scouted for a professional academy or it may that you have expanded the areas that you offer. Your website should be a hub of information so your customers can find out the most up to date information at the touch of a button.


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Contact Form

Contact page with form that automatically sends a message to your email address which helps capture more specific information so that you can target your marketing appropriately.


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Online Payment System

Are you spending far too long chasing payments and is it slowing down the growth of your business? Giving users the option of paying online means you can half the amount of work needed in collecting payments. Customers like to know they can book quickly and their order will be taken care of. Very important feature to help your website make your company money.

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Updatable CMS

You may wish to login and update content, add photos, add classes, products and services as and when you like. This is not a problem if decided early on. We advise companies with websites that seem like they'll need a great deal of updates once built to build them with a back end database. The example shown above for Sports Linx demonstrates how the user has the ability to add articles, photos, videos and information to the blog. This makes things a lot more affordable for the end user in the long run, as they do not need to contact the web master every occasion they need to make a change to website.


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Social Media

With social media a part of our daily lives, people now have a platform to voice their opinions and experiences to friends and family at a touch of a button. If they like something they will let people know and chances are they will search for the company's Facebook group or Twitter page to follow. We can manage these for you if time and know how are an issue, but any successful recruitment company must have a social media presence. Many of the customers in this industry will want to know quickly if a new job has become available and are more likely to engage with your company if you have a social media presence.

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