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Home Page Transitions

High Resolution photos, soft fades/transitions, give the user a feeling of the style your company is trying to portray.

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Pages to be Updated by the Client

As seasons and fashion styles change rapidly, your fashion website should be able to change just as fast. Our fashion websites have built in content management systems which allow you to update your own website media without paying out website maintenance costs. These changes can include your text and prices or pictures of clothing, accessories and jewelry.


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Has your fashion label just been mentioned in the latest copy of Vogue or Marie Claire? Keep your clients up to date with how successful your brand is with an article feature. This will showcase your articles and allow your followers to easily find the most prestigious mentions of your fashion label.


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Do you have ideas about fashion you think your clients would appreciate? Do you want to share ideas that will build relationships and your brand? Do you want to make your website rank higher in search engines such as Google. A blog will keep your website up to date and allow your customers to think of you as a thought leader and source of great information meaning they will keep coming back to your site.


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Social Media

Social media is vital for fashion based websites. People want to be considered as fashionable by their peers, so if they see clothing that they 'like' they will pass this on to all their social media friends. The clothes/accessories you're selling could quickly become the product everyone starts talking about. Also think about a way that you could informally and quickly tell all your customers about your latest promotions, newest products and slowly start to condition them to buy more from you; social media is the answer.


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Zoom Function

Zoom function to zoom into the finer details of the clothing. Users want to be able to drill into the clothes to see the stitching and fabric quality.


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Multiple Languages

If your fashion label is, or will be, internationally recognised you have to consider the global audience. Therefore, your content must be available in multiple languages. Blue Baboon has translators at hand who can write, edit and recreate your content so that your website is as global as your brand.

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