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Usability and Process

When it comes to websites promoting industrial businesses, you need to bring your user through a journey rather than sell to them directly as there will be just too much information for your users to take in. At Blue Baboon Design we make sure the information our websites offer is clearly explained and broken down through.


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User-friendly Information

We work closely with our industrial clients to insure the wider public can understand the information they provide on their websites. For example, our industrial clients may have sheets of data that (to them) clearly explain the positives of their business - to most viewers, however, this would be considered unreadable jargon. We make sure this information displayed on our industrial websites can be easily understood by all of your website users with such features as graphs and case studies.


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Case Studies

Case Studies are an important part of any industrial businesses website. They will explain to potential clients in a clear and understandable way what work you carried out for your past clients and why the work carried out was successful.


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Technology advances rapidly and unless you have a large budget for your website it will be hard to keep your website completely up to date. By having a section of your site dedicated to articles that you update regularly - you will show that your business is keeping up to date with the latest advances in your industry. We recommend a search feature within your articles so that your users can search all of your articles with relative ease and find the information they need.


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Contact Form

Contact page with form that automatically sends a message to your email address which helps capture more specific information so that you can target your marketing appropriately.

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