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News and Updates on Homepage

When users visit your page it needs to be clear that your record label is a hub of activity and industry involvement. We make sure your upcoming events and latest information is clearly visible through news feeds that automatically place your latest updates on your homepage. We can also include Twitter and YouTube feeds which really keeps your site fresh and up to date.


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Call to Action

All commercial websites should have clear goals on each page. What do you want the user to do once they visit the page? Health and beauty websites are rather simple in that if a user has searched for the phrase 'yoga', chances are they need your service and will call if they land on your website and all looks ok. If the design isn't simple/ clean however, or they cant find the phone number or contact page for instance you could be losing sales every time someone leaves your site without calling. We make sure every page has a clear call to action, whether that's getting the user to submit their email, join a social media page or make a call.


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Social Networking

With social media a part of our daily lives, people now have a platform to voice their opinions and experiences to friends and family at a touch of a button. If they like something they will let people know and chances are they will search for the company's Facebook group or Twitter page to follow. We can manage these for you if time and know how are an issue, but any successful record label must have a social media presence. Many of the customers in this industry will share music, want to know the latest information about your signed artists and are more likely to engage with your company if you have a social media presence.


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Mailing List Sign Up

A feature we advice as a 'must' for record label websites is the automated email function. Once a user submits their email, we have the software that then has the capability to send pre-written emails, on auto-pilot, to the email address provided over a period of time. Therefore your website can work on your sales without you lifting a finger. You can send users information on the latest releases of your artist's or the latest events happening they could be interested in; if they consider you an expert in that field, chances are if you offer them a product or service and they have the money available, they will buy from you. We highly recommend this function for record label company owners looking to build an email database of customers that trust them and respond to their offers. We would suggest visiting our automated email FAQ page for a more detailed description of this feature.


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Your record label will be successful because of the quality of your artists. You need to ensure you showcase them in a clear and professional format. Each artist would have a dedicated page where they can showcase their music or videos.

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Videos are vital in the music industry - keep your fans up to date with a music video player. This feature will allow a constant stream of videos to be uploaded to your web page either directly from YouTube or a backend admin system where you upload the videos yourself.


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Calendar / Events

One of your acts may be performing at a small nightclub or in a sell out stadium, either way - make sure visitors to your site understand that your labels artists get big bookings with a calendar full of upcoming events. This will be completely updatable by a backend admin area. You may wish to use to the system we have demonstrated above using the calendar function.

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