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Style and Design

The style of your health and beauty website is incredibly important. People have many different ideas about the type of health and beauty products they need and it's vital that the design of your site clearly portrays the theme of your business (e.g. natural, corporate, Arabic, herbal etc).


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Email Capture Tool and Auto Responder

Another feature we advice for health and beauty websites is the automated email function. Once a user submits their email, we have the software that then has the capability to send pre-written emails, on auto-pilot, to the email address provided over a period of time. Therefore your website can work on your sales without you lifting a finger. We highly recommend this function for health and beauty business owners looking to build an email database of customers that trust them and respond to their offers. We would suggest visiting our automated email FAQ page for a more detailed description of this feature.


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Social Media

With social media a part of our daily lives, people now have a platform to voice their opinions and experiences to friends and family at a touch of a button. If they like something they will let people know and chances are they will search for the company's Facebook group or Twitter page to follow. We can manage these for you if time and know how are an issue, but any successful health and beauty business must have a social media presence.


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News and Events / Blog

A Blog is important to a health and beauty business website as users visiting the site want to see up to date information. You might use this page to share health tips with your customers, get customer feedback and generally be a hub of information where customers can get an idea of exactly how your business functions. The other reason for using a Blog would be to increase the amount of search terms on Google you can be found for. For instance if you wrote an interesting Blog post mentioning "Yoga in Notting Hill", you might find (as its the only content on the internet mentioning that phrase) you get to the top page of Google and capture all those fans of Yoga in Notting Hill! Find out more here.


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We have found that customers using yoga websites like to read the practitioner's 'Philosophy' on yoga and these pages tend to convert very well. We can help you create this text with our expert copywriters or simply guide you with our consultants in the industry.


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Contact Page

Contact page with form that automatically sends a message to your email address which helps capture more specific information so that you can target your marketing appropriately.

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