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Branding Plus High Resolution Photos

Its important to have a clear, clean brand. Customers will make comparisons between your website and your restaurant/restaurants. High resolution photos of your restaurant and the food, taken by a professional photographer, can make all the difference when a customer is deciding whether to try your restaurant out for the first time or not.


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Social Media

With social media a part of our daily lives, people now have a platform to voice their opinions and experiences to friends and family at a touch of a button. If they like something they will let people know and chances are they will search for the company's Facebook group or Twitter page to follow. We can manage these for you if time and know how are an issue, but any successful restaurant must have a social media presence.


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Call To Action

All commercial websites should have clear goals on each page. What do you want to the user to do once they visit the page? Call to make a booking or reservation? Submit their email or join your social networking group or page? We make sure your website has the structure and tools to give your site every opportunity of capturing customer information which gives you the opportunity to market to them over a longer period. Submit your email or join our Facebook group to find out more!


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Automated Email Function

Another feature we advice for restaurant websites is the automated email function. Once a user submits their email, we have the software that then has the capability to send pre-written emails, on auto-pilot, to the email address provided over a period of time. Therefore your website can work on your sales without you lifting a finger. We highly recommend this function for restaurant owners looking to build an email database of customers that trust them and respond to their offers. We would suggest visiting our automated email FAQ page for a more detailed description of this feature.


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Google Ad Word Account

We would recommend creating a Google Ad Word account to help drive targeted traffic to your site. Ad Words can guarantee top Google positions on the first page of Google, for all required phrases. "Local Restaurants" might be a key phrase that you are be found for, other phrases may be: "Restaurants in London" (or your required area), "Restaurant Reviews" etc. It's important to use your website to bring new customers to your business and Ad Words guarantees this. Plus you only pay for customers that are actually looking for your specific service. Find out more here.


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Search Engine Optimization

Pay per click advertising is great but getting your site top of Google organically is the cheapest long term solution. Over time we can get your site top of Google without the need to pay every time someone clicks on the search link. Statics prove people are more likely to click through on links on the left hand side of Google than sponsored links. As good as Ad Words are, all websites should aim to optimize their sites so eventually they hold top positions for all required search terms. This can save thousands in the long term, click here to find out more.


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Menu Page

When choosing a restaurant, people want to see the prices and the food options available. This means we would always recommend, to our clients with restaurants, to allocate one of their pages as a menu page.


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As well as proof readers, we also have copy writers on hand to write text for you - for those businesses that don't have the time or feel that this would be something they would like an expert to take care of. Obviously some customers will respond better to images or audio than written text but your website still needs to cater for those customers that do prefer written text.


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Kids Page

Not all restaurants will accommodate children, but for some, families are an important market. We sometimes will advice clients to have a page of the site just dedicated to the side of the brand aimed at children. There might be games and activities here, but above all, you need to get across that your company are happy to accommodate children. Families making a choice about where to eat may consider how entertained they child will be at the restaurant, how the staff will treat them and will there be food available that their children would enjoy. A kids page may get across this message.


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Contact Page

Contact page with form that automatically sends a message to your email address which helps capture more specific information so that you can target your marketing appropriately.


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A Blog is important to a restaurant's website as users visiting the site want to see up to date information. You might use this page to share recipes with your customers, get customer feedback and generally be a hub of information where customers can get an idea of exactly how your restaurant functions. The other reason for using a Blog would be to increase the amount of search terms on Google you can be found for. For instance if you wrote an interesting Blog post mentioning "Sheppard's Pie in Isleworth", you might find (as its the only content on the internet mentioning that phrase) you get to the top page of Google and capture all those fans of Sheppard's Pie in Isleworth! Find out more here.


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Hire Page

With your website now bringing new customers to your site there are opportunities available to offer your venue as a place to hire. Many businesses are looking to hire venues for meetings and functions. By simply adding the option on your site suddenly it lets people know they have the opportunity to hire certain areas and it gives another arm to your business.


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Reviews / Testimonials

People often choose restaurants based on the recommendation of others. Having a reviews page on your site is essential to show new customers all the great experiences your previous customers have had. It also reminds existing customers about the great times they have had at your restaurant.


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You may have live music perform at your restaurant, or maybe you host a theatre group upstairs or even screen a football match. If you do host events at your restaurant you should definitely let people know through your website and we can create a page that you can update every time you have a new event. You may wish to use to the system we have demonstrated above using the calendar function.

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