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User Qualification

It may be that your recruitment company has separate target markets for each different job type you recruit for; which means you may wish to offer different marketing strategies based on the specific job type. To do this you need to qualify the user before they arrive on the intended page. If you look at the example above you will notice that before the user can get on the site they have to decide whether or not they wish to visit the client site or the candidate section.


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Professional Look and Feel

A corporate image is vital when advertising to clients who potentially want to hire staff from your website. When designing your site we take into consideration the type of clientele you will be attracting and devise the most professional way to present your website to them.


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Call to Action

All commercial websites should have clear goals on each page. What do you want the user to do once they visit the page? Call to inquire about a vacancy or candidate? Submit their email or join your social networking group or page? We make sure your website has the structure and tools to give your site every opportunity of capturing customer information which gives you the opportunity to market to them over a longer period. Submit your email or join our Facebook group to find out more ;-)


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Register Your CV

Instead of your administrators or office staff entering the paper or emails CV's you receive into your website database, let candidates do it for you! We will create a data entry form that allows job seekers to input their own information. This allows your database, that is automatically searchable by clients, to grow by itself without you lifting a finger.


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A Website Search Engine

If you have an especially large website or a large database of information that your website users will never have the time or patience to cipher through a search engine in your site is vital. Within seconds of typing the keyword they need such as 'manager' or 'administrator' your users will be presented with the information they need.

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