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Upload Items

When running an auction or bidding website you need to have a constant stream of fresh, new and varied items. This will keep the users coming back and your content interesting. To allow you to update items on your website we would include a feature which would enable you to upload, edit or remove your items.


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Search for Items

With so many items on your site you will need various ways for your users to find their perfect item. This could be done through various different techniques such as a search engine that would scan all items to find specific item or by a filter that would narrow down the items available through various options (e.g. location, item type, colour, cost etc).


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Users can Bid on Items

Your users will need to be able to request items they are interested in. They can add their details and these will be saved on the database allowing the administrator to know the status of the item.


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Company Alerted to Item Request

When an item is requested or had a bid placed against it, the administrator will be alerted and can take the necessary action.


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Contact Form

Contact page with form that automatically sends a message to your email address which helps capture more specific information so that you can target your marketing appropriately.

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