Website Design

Blue Baboon is a youthful and vibrant company with many new and exciting ideas in the field of website design. We like to create websites that appeal to a mass audience, yet include the ideas and flair that make our websites 'Blue Baboon' websites. We are also able to greatly increase the market of a company with our experience in online marketing.

Unlike other companies that are specialists in one of the three major web development areas (Website Design, Programming or Marketing) we have developed so that we can successfully combine all three. We have three separate teams: a Design Team, an SEO / Marketing Team and a Programming Department, which are all coordinated by our accomplished Website Coordinators. These three teams draw on each other’s resources and committed industry knowledge to offer specialist work at the highest standards - and all at affordable prices.

In today's market, many business owners will already be aware of how a website presence is vital, but few are aware of the potential a website has in providing a huge source of income to your business. If you are one of those lucky few to see such a website that can effectively market a business and generate income for a business – the websites you have seen will very often be drab, uninspiring or outdated affairs. Our design team will develop your website to capture the attention of your target market and be designed in a lasting, stylish and exciting way.

A website should not just be a presence – it should be a tool which acts to funnel a specific source of clientele through to you or your sales team and ultimately improve your business income. We have an experienced and knowledgeable marketing team who can talk you through every possible way you can get your website generating more.