Opportunities & Jobs

Want to work in the web, design and marketing industry?

Blue Baboon Design & Marketing are constantly looking for new and talented individuals who love independent design and marketing! We look for the best and only the best!

What we look for?

A high level of either design, programming or marketing skills. Applicants must also have passion, drive, good organisation and management skills, love for design & marketing and excellent communication skills!

Do we have a Graduate Training Scheme?

Unfortunately, we are not currently running a formal Graduate Training Scheme.

Do we need freelance coders and graphic designers?

We are constantly looking for individuals to express their interest in freelance website design or graphic design. We have a large pool of clients and get new websites every day which we simply could not take on without the aid of paid freelance workers. Send us your CV today so we can put you on our database & when a position arises that meets your ability, we will be in contact.

How do you apply to work at Blue Baboon Design?

If you fit the above criteria and are interested in working for Blue Baboon Design please email our recruitment coordinator, Sean Conlon, on [email protected].