Graphic Design Portfolio

To grasp the potential of a logo design agency, you need to judge its previous work and experience. This is why our logo designs continue to be recommended and used again by our customers in Surrey. The best way to understand how we meet our client’s logo needs is to check out some of our client testimonials and look through our logo portfolio below. Click on an icon to see all of our logo items and see for yourself why we are rated as the number one logo design company in Surrey.

Logo Design

Logo Design for GreediesLogo Design for Logmor Projects InternationalLogo Design for Upstage AcademyLogo Design for Sports LinxLogo Design for Simply Being Lotus
Logo Design for MKMGLogo Design for Extreme RecruitmentLogo Design for ExclussLogo Design for Blue Tree PropertyLogo Design for Ariana Hair

Logo Design is a fine art. It takes a great deal of skill to conjure up an image that both appeals to the eye and easily explains the idea the business is based on. Blue Baboon designers attain this skill.

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